As the original and largest designer and producer of hand-designed, hand-cast and hand-painted themed board games in Africa, we know a thing or two about beautiful, high-quality design and manufacturing.


Our production process

Following on from the success of our animal and tribal chess sets, we created a range of hand-crafted and hand-painted themed board games to delight our clients and their customers. These board games make the perfect gift and, according to many of our resellers, are often purchased in addition to one of our premium chess sets. Our board game boards and pieces are hand-carved or hand-sculpted and hand-cast, then intricately hand-painted using Windsor and Newton oil paints. Each board game takes approximately 5 to 8 hours of labour to produce depending on the size of the game, and the beautiful and high-quality result is well worth the time!


Our range of premium board games

Board Games

African Animal

This game consists of 15 beautifully hand-painted African wildlife playing discs cast from polystone, and a board based on a tribal African shield and spear, with vibrant dice rolling cups and dice including the doubling cube. We offer both a large and small set. All sets are securely packaged for safe storage and shipping.


Each checker disc is cast from polystone and boasts a beautifully hand-painted design. The board is made from kiaat and koto woods with a detailed polystone designer frame which is also hand-painted. Disc designs include renderings of
lion, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant and zebra. All sets are securely packaged for safe storage and shipping.

(Animal and Tribal)

Our dominoes are manufactured from wood, with the original designs laser cut into the wood before being treated in line with global best practice. Our range includes animal and tribal designs. Choose from a wide range of animals including lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. Our tribal range designs are based on traditional and modern ethnic music. Choose between Meranti or MDF wood boxes and dominoes.

(Animal and Tribal)

Morabaraba is a brilliant yet simple strategy game for suitable for all ages. Morabaraba, also known as “Umlabalaba” in Africa, is similar to “Twelve Men’s Morris” which, in turn ,is a variation of the Roman board game “nine men’s Morris”. We have both an animal and a tribal themed version.

The animal version includes two designs, with a choice among lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, zebra, rhino, hippo and giraffe. The tribal version consists of two warriors from opposing tribes


Also called marble solitaire, our peg solitaire sets are some of our best sellers as they are beautiful, affordable and require little display space.The board has a frame boasting intricately designed African scenes and wildlife. The solitaire pieces are sculpted by hand, cast in polystone and hand-painted. We have a range of products with different options for playing pieces.

We have a range of products with different options for playing pieces including Big 5 wildlife solitaire, African animal solitaire (choose from lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, zebra, rhino, zebra, hippo, giraffe, warthog, buffalo, or otter), oceanic solitaire (choose from whale, dolphin, or penguin), African bird solitaire (choose from guinea fowl, kingfisher, or loerie) and tribal solitaire (African tribal warriors).

(Noughts & Crosses)

The smallest and most affordable of our board games, these are perfect for driving high-volume sales. The boards and pegs (playing pieces) are all hand-cast, intricately designed and painted by hand, and made from highly durable Polystone from our originally sculpted moulds. We have a range of products for every shopper:

We have a range of products for every shopper: animal tic-tac-toe (choose two animals from lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, zebra, rhino, zebra, hippo, giraffe, warthog, or buffalo), oceanic tic-tac-toe (choose from whale, dolphin, or penguin), African bird Tic-tac-toe (choose from guinea fowl, kingfisher, loerie and we include the otter here as well) and tribal tic-tac-toe (African tribal warriors).


Why become a reseller for Gala Star?


As the largest producer of hand-made chess sets in Africa, we know a thing or two about producing beautiful, high-quality products. We currently sell products to over 1 000 retailers globally.


We have extensive experience in international shipping and realise that it can be tricky - that’s why we assume risk on your behalf. If products arrive damaged, we will replace them entirely.


Our products have been best-sellers since our inception in 1994 and are loved by customers worldwide. We advise and work closely with our retail partners and resellers to ensure they maximise sales.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

At Gala Star, we have developed a proven track record with a variety of customers including retail shops, corporate gifts companies online retail stores over the last 25 years. Our success is due to the following four pillars:

Excellent Service

Our customers come first! We believe in great communication, taking responsibility, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We strive to improve continuously.

Uplifting rural communities

Gala Star empowers our local team of African artisans and staff by providing them with an income and skills training so that they may build a better life for themselves and their families.

Beautiful Designs

Our products are all hand-designed and hand-crafted by talented artists in Africa. To produce them takes hours of staff training, all of whom who take great pride in their work.

Quality Production

Our products are hand-cast using polystone and hand-painted in exquisite detail. Our quality control processes are essential to our continued customer satisfaction and ongoing success.


Some of our clients include